Bye-bye wall!

You can’t really call a fixer upper a “fixer upper” without removing a wall right? Well that has been done! Sort of. Ok not completely removed, but the doorway is at least doubled in size. If you recall, there was just a tiny doorway on the wall between the kitchen and living room which made the living room feel somewhat cave-like and I just wasn’t digging it.


living room


This is the same wall from both sides. Top is looking at it from the living room perspective and bottom is looking at it from standing by the kitchen cabinets.


Tyler has class this week but only has half days so he had several hours to work on the house today and he got the wall just about done!

He started by removing the drywall to see what exactly was going on inside and unfortunately, this is a load bearing wall so completely removing it is technically possible but outside of our DIY range so we settled for a bigger opening. I kind of wanted to leave a few feet on the outside wall anyway because I plan to do a play corner for Evelyn there and it defines that space a little better if we leave a little bit so this is what it looked like as he started taking off drywall.20160209_144633

He removed drywall one stud further than the actual wall could go so that he was able to rerun some of the electric. After he had all the drywall removed, this is what it looked like 20160209_152538

So much better already! You can see how much light that sliding door lets into the living room now.  It took him several trips to home depot to get all the wiring done and get it to where he was ready to remove the studs but he did make it that far today. Here is the condition of the wall now.20160209_19511020160209_195047

TA DA!!! It is 10000X’s better! Ideally I would have loved to remove that whole header too but this will certainly do. He will be putting drywall back up to that post you see hanging out there, so really he basically just doubled the doorway. I am so glad I married such a hardworking stud muffin. 🙂 He will continue to finish up some of the bigger projects this weeks so that next week (which he has off again) we can hopefully get some of the finishing things done like paint and flooring and get our little family moved in!! I am so excited and didn’t think things would be moving this quickly but I am NOT complaining. Organizing and having a fresh start in a home has to be one of the best feelings ever. Now off to appliance and furniture shopping! WEE!


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