Movin’ in!

We are to that point folks! No, the house is not completely done. In fact, it is still a long long way from being totally done but it is done enough to move in! Last week we went up on Monday, I stayed until Wednesday and Tyler came home Friday. During the time I was there, I didn’t get a whole lot done because I really only a day and a half to spend working on it and half of Tuesday was spent getting our sectional! Before we left I had to run to the store for some diapers and new angled brushes (ours weren’t looking and working too well anymore) and while I  was in the paint department I saw an incredible little tool that my newbie self didn’t know existed. It’s a small hand held plastic tool will rollers on it and its meant to paint up to trim or the edges of ceilings. Yeah…that would have saved me HOURS of tedious work taping things off. It was all of three and a half dollars. Ugh. Whatever. At least now you know and don’t have to make the same mistake I made.

Anyway, since I had that handy dandy tool, I was able to cut in the upper edge in the kitchen, hall, and all the other unfinished areas pretty quick. I also had time to fill in the holes on more trim pieces, sand, and paint them so they are ready to be put back on the walls. I also spent several hours scrubbing the kitchen cabinets. I wanted them to be clean for when we move in, plus they will be getting painted soon so it had to be done in preparation of that anyway. Those things were nasty! The rest of my time was spent doing dumb tedious painting that you wouldn’t notice unless it didn’t get done. You know, all the touch up detailed stuff that everyone hates.

Tyler got the flooring in the office finished! IMG_2193.JPG

Obviously the trim needs to be put back on but you get the idea. This will be Evelyn’s room until we get around to finishing the other two bedrooms.

He also changed out the dated hallway light fixtures. We wanted something simple and bright so we settled for these clam shell wall fixtures from Menards. The hall is pretty tight so we also needed something that wouldn’t seem intrusive and these fit the ticket. Here’s a before and after of the hall. this guy.jpg

So much better. We removed that old smoke alarm also and I patched up the paint there but this picture was from before I touched it up. We have smoke alarms in all the bedrooms and at the other end of the hall so no need to fear for our safety. 😉

Now like I said, a good majority of Tuesday was spent picking up the couch which was an awesome deal I found on Craigslist.IMG_2191 It was about 25 minutes away from our house and we had to make it in two separate trips because it’s huge and we only have a small 4X8 trailer. It came in three pieces so in the first trip we got the large sofa part (left) and shoved all the cushions for that section in the back of our car. The second trip, we were able to get the other two pieces and managed to squeeze the remaining cushions in the back. Now, you may be thinking, “that’s not that huge” but you are wrong. The couch piece on the left is 9 ft long, the back (from corner to corner) is 12 ft. and the chaise is 6 ft. Anyway it’s awesomely huge and we are excited to be able to use it soon.

Tuesday evening, we got the refrigerator into the kitchen. When we bought the appliances, Tyler hadn’t finished the flooring in the kitchen so we had them dropped off in the garage. Getting the stove in wasn’t too bad and Tyler actually got the dishwasher inside on his own but the fridge was another story. We didn’t have a hand cart to use at first so we had to wait until we could bring one up to borrow. The door leading inside from the garage is just a bit smaller than average which is very convenient, *that was sarcasm* so we had to take it all the way around the garage and through the front door. Tyler still had to take the door off to get it in but, it’s staying where it is for quite a while now. IMG_2192

He got the dishwasher and fridge hooked up after I left on Wednesday so I don’t have pictures of that. He also built himself a workbench in the garage and hauled a bunch of trash out.

Like I said, the house is nowhere near done, but it’s enough that we can live there and work on it. My first project once moved in will be getting the kitchen cabinets painted. They are a real eye sore still and I believe Tyler will be building the pantry as soon as he has time.

The trailer is loaded and I am impatiently waiting for Wednesday to roll around! Check in next week to see how the move went and what we got done!



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