Baby Steps

So here we are! Settling in slowly but surely. I have briefly started on some of the basic decorating such as hanging curtains and replacing an old area rug for a more size appropriate one but we don’t have a whole lot hanging on the walls yet (not even the TV). Tyler has been busy building! He has built an industrial TV table, gun cabinet, and a beautiful island! We had originally planned on doing a larger more built in looking island but as he got closer to building it, we decided we really liked the look and feel of a smaller, more airy one. I was set on getting a butcher block top for convenience of food prep and we found the best price for a pre-made one from IKEA. We got this one for $100. Its not solid wood but the solid wood ones were actually not as thick and I didn’t like how that looked. Plus they were more expensive. They also had an “island” top that was almost double the width of this one but that would have been too wide for our kitchen. I admit, I was worried this one would be too small for the space but once he had it done and we put it in the kitchen, I fell in love! It keeps the kitchen from feeling cramped and the simplicity of it helps keep the kitchen casual which is definitely what we are going for.IMG_2277IMG_2278IMG_2279

Tyler also hung this amazing light that his Dad built! I had seen something almost identical to this on a “Fixer Upper” episode and I LOVED it. Plus it looked like something easy enough to replicate! I had planned on building it on my own…buuuut…Tyler didn’t like how long it was taking me so he asked his Dad if he could help and he ended up just building it for me while I supervised and made sure it was as it should be. 😉

Now obviously the kitchen is still a long way from done but it’s livable and no longer feels dark and dingy. I still need to refinish the upper cabinet doors which I am finding to be very difficult with a baby. We also need to get a kick board under the cabinets, put in canned lights, move and change the light over the island (it’t way off center), remove the blinds and get something different up there, build the pantry, and then of course the back splash and counter tops need done too. We also noticed the floor is very bouncy by the end of the island closest to the stove so Tyler has to go under the house and re-support that area. This poor man just can’t catch a break. So like I said, it’s a long long way from done..but it’s getting there! Let’s just review how far it’s come along already.



ehh?? Looks a little bit different than when we bought it.


Tyler also built this sweet TV table which again follows the “simple” casual pattern we are creating. We love it…however, it is proving to be a very difficult piece of furniture to have around a curious mobile baby. Evelyn loves standing up to it and slapping the electronics, trying to reach for chords, and pulling everything off that she can reach.  I believe the plan is to build something else down the road with doors. For now, I am going to find some large baskets that will fit snug and keep safety hazards out of our little one’s reach. I can’t wait to really start decorating this room but I feel like all the decorating and everything I need to do is dependent on something else we need to do, getting done first. Eventually I want to do something bold and quirky on the main living room wall which completely blank right now (other than a hideous air conditioner). It’s the first thing you really see when you walk into the main living area so I want it to be a statement. Tyler found some big, old, awesome windows in his parents’ barn and they agreed to let us have them! So I believe I’ll be featuring those bad boys in that spot.IMG_2280


For the laundry room/area, I really wanted some cabinets so I didn’t have to come up with a cute way to display cleaning rags and bug spray so we took a little trip to the nearest restore and picked up this pair for $40. They are really good quality but were an outdated honey oak color. We will be putting old galvanized barn roofing on the back wall so we decided to go with a bold dark color that will accent well with it. We will also be adding a couple of open shelves and a folding counter down the road. IMG_2281


Evelyn is currently staying in the office until we get her bedroom finished (which is probably going to be quite a ways away still). But we are making it work! IMG_2282

It’s nothing fancy, but it serves it’s purpose.


The only other room we’ve really done anything with is our bedroom. But the only thing that has changed in there is I hung curtains today. IMG_2283

The plan is to have the living room, Evelyn’s play corner, and the laundry area done by Evelyn’s birthday (July 10). Gotta have goals right?? Between, normal life stuff, yard work, a baby, and all of the tasks on the house, our ‘to do’ lists are pretty much endless! So that pretty much sums it up for now. I have some fun projects planned for the near future so don’t forget to check in for those!