Evelyn’s Room

As you should know by now, I love a good deal. I will search Craigslist for hours over the course of several weeks until I find what I’m looking for. When I have a picture of how a space “should” be decorated, it’s hard not to see it happen exactly like that. For Evelyn’s room, though it’s not exactly as planned, I am overall very happy with the outcome. Especially when I consider how much it all cost. Less than $200!!

We had originally planned on having her in the big room at the end of the hall but that started seeming silly to me when imagining how to configure a guestroom in such a tiny room when all of Evelyn’s furniture was so much smaller. So, she ended up in the small room. I tried probably 5 different arrangements with her furniture until I found the best one. It’s still not exactly as I imagined, but it works.img_3170

The room is just too small for all the pieces to be in the open, so her dresser is tucked into the closet which works just fine because she is getting too big for the changing table anyway. We got the dresser from my sister…I believe for free. It was on tiny casters and had about 20 layers of paint, the last one being fire truck red. Tyler did some sanding, painted it, added legs, hardware, the changing section on top, and even dividers in one of the drawers. Over all, that probably cost $30.img_3175

The curtains were large scrap fabric pieces I found in the scrap bin at a discount fabric store and cost me about $5 total to make and the curtain rod is a cheap $7 rod from walmart.

The chair, my wonderful Mama found for me at a goodwill for $25 but she gave it to us for free cause she is the bomb diggity. 🙂 It needed a little bit of cleaning and could technically use a little more, but it’s a REALLY nice glider for the price. She also made that pillow from an old pillow that needed covered and scraps from goodwill.img_3171

The blanket basket was a baby shower gift from my wonderful sister. The tissue flowers were nearly free but did take me quite a while. I made them while we were living in Florida and I had to be creative and make nearly free decor since finances were so tight. I found the idea on pinterest and spent several evenings cutting, twisting, and gluing until I had enough to fill her wall. I packed them into their own separate box when we moved and they are still good enough for her wall now too!

The cubby shelf is one of the larger purchases we made for her room but it was used as an end table in the Florida apartment and as toy storage in the play area until her room was done in this house. That was about $35. It now holds clean sheets, tights and bloomers, stuffed animals, and books. The lamp was one of those things from my parents house that just so happened to come with me when I moved out. 😉 The yellow sign was a wedding shower gift from one of Tyler’s Aunts.

The crib was free through a wonderful woman from our old church. She runs a ministry for mothers where they are able to receive and use all kinds of children’s things. Clothes, toys, eating accessories, furniture. It has been such a huge blessing! This particular crib was being used by a family in our church whose daughter was ready to switch to a toddler bed. There was also a matching changing station that we didn’t need since Tyler added one to the dresser.img_3081

Oddly enough, the bumper pad in her crib was one of the most expensive things in the room. It was close to $40 on amazon but I wanted it to match cause I’m crazy….so I’d say that was a splurge. The painting above the bed was one I had made for the apartment living room and that was really just the cost of the canvas, which was maybe $15.img_3173

I wanted a light colored area rug that would be versatile enough to fit in with future decor, so I went with this cheap solid cream 5X7 from walmart. It was $38. It’s very thin and if we wanted a softer comfier feel, I could get a rug pad for underneath but it is just fine how it is.img_3177

Everything else in the room has either been hand-me-downs, gifts, or cheaply bought second hand. The total we have paid for her room has been maybe close to $180. Crazy right?! We are so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by caring and generous family and friends!