First Glimpse

As I have mentioned, we are once again home owners! When we started looking, we knew we wanted to buy a house that needed some work since fixing things up is something we love to do, and this house certainly fits in that category. We had an inspection done before buying and our inspector found small amounts of mold in the attic and crawlspace as well as minor foundation issues near the garage, a water leak in the crawlspace, and a few smaller issues. Everything he found seemed like easy enough things for us to repair. Obviously we called in professionals for some of the bigger things. So on Thursday we signed the papers and became homeowners again!

This is our house! You thought I was being dramatic when I said it needed work huh?



Tyler started by fixing the leak in the crawlspace which actually turned out to be a completely disconnected sewage pipe. (yes, the large pipe your poo and pee goes through) So basically, for who knows how long, they were flushing their toilets directly into their crawlspace. Anyway, that’s fixed now. While he did that my sister started tearing out the carpet in the master bedroom which was conveniently glued to the floor *cough cough* and she started taking off the base trim so its ready for new carpet. 044This is how it looked after a whole lot of scraping.


While we were tearing up that carpet, I noticed a puddle of water sitting in the closet so I called my hubby in and after tearing into a mushy wall, he discovered the sink pipes for the master bath were corroding and there was a hole where water was just constantly bubbling out. So my Mr. Fix it went to home depot and got some stuff, came back and fixed it up! Now it’s as good as new (minus the giant hole in the wall).046


After getting the floor cleaned up, I moved onto bedroom 3 and started tearing up the carpet, scraping the floor and taking off the base trim. 048.JPG
It took me pretty much all day to get it done. That stuff is brutal!


Meanwhile, Tyler started tearing out the rotting cabinets where years of water dripping behind the sink had rotted out the base cabinets, drywall, and the subfloor.042043
We forgot to take pictures before he removed the drywall but you can imagine it was pretty gross.
These cabinets got done over the course of two days because other random jobs kept coming up and we had to keep making quick trips to the store for materials but once it was all said and done, he had then looking way better than they ever have.


My next project was paint! My goal for the week was to have the master bedroom and Bedroom 3, which will be Evelyn’s bedroom, completely painted by the end of the week and I might have met that goal if my brain had been properly braining. I completely spaced on the whole priming thing when I bought the trim and ceiling paint, and even though the ceiling was a fairly light color, it did not want to cover! I gave it 3 (even 4 in some areas) good coats and I think it still needs another coat or two so clearly I wasted a crap ton of paint and time by not getting a paint+primer to begin with. 😦 I also made that same mistake with the trim which I used a semi-gloss on, and the trim I was painting was not light colored so that took literally about 5-7 coats, but I did finally get all the trim in the master bedroom done. Then I got smart. For the walls I wanted to go with a blue but more of a neutral blue. (I’m currently obsessed with grays and neutrals so don’t be surprised if you see that reoccurring theme throughout the house.) For this paint I finally realized the problem and got a pain+primer, and what do you know, it took one freaking coat of paint! I did have to go back and touch up a few spots but needless to say, I was annoyed with myself for not figuring that one out sooner. So anyway here’s how far I got. 052053

It’s more blue in real life but you get the idea. Still loads better than it was! As you can see, I didn’t have time to finish painting the doors and finish cutting in by the ceiling because the last day we were working, the mold remediation guys came and sprayed the crawlspace and that stuff is POTENT! The house just has sub floor right now and there are small quarter inch holes drilled here and there throughout the house for venting or something but they just let all the chemicals come straight up inside the house where we were working. For a while we tried to tough it out, but my eyes were burning and watering so bad I couldn’t hardly see and then our throats and lungs started feeling scratchy and just not right so we decided to quit.

That was all we got done on the house for the week (which was actually only Monday-Thursday noon) but it was still a pretty big accomplishment. We bought a garbage disposal which will need hooked up soon and Tyler picked up our flooring which will be a beautiful laminate that looks like real hardwood without the upkeep. Tyler is planning on spending a couple hours here and there when he gets a chance after his training this next week and he might have a few more days off soon too. Before moving in, we want to open up the wall in the living room so we have a more open concept between the living room and kitchen. We also want to have 90% of the painting done and all of the flooring done.  We are planning to do a complete remodel on the bathrooms once we’ve moved in so they get to stay ugly for a while. 🙂 We have a bunch of other random plans like adding a corner pantry, an island, shelving in the laundry closet, better shelving systems in the bedroom closets, a “mudroom” in the garage, etc. The projects will never end. My poor husband can’t keep up with my never ending demands! 😉 So anyway, that’s the progress this far. Check in next week for an update!