7 reasons I love spring

Spring is in full swing now here in South East Michigan and I couldn’t be happier! While we were living in Florida we weren’t able to feel much of the seasonal changes that you feel up North which was a huge bummer for us since both of our favorite seasons are the “in between” seasons (fall and spring). I like to think my absolute favorite season is fall, but honestly, in the midst of all these beautiful budding trees, new flowers, and fresh-cut grass, spring becomes my favorite.

I’ve compiled a small list of reasons why this season makes me feel so pleasant.

  1. Flowers! Am I the only one that feels like a total domestic princess when I have fresh flowers on the table or even growing in a flower bed outside? My personal favorite are perennials because they are way harder to kill and I’m pretty much a flower serial killer. In a perfect world, I would have a master green thumb but this world is far from perfect and in this non-perfect world, I suck at transplanting and overall plant care. 🙂 However, I do still love trying which leads me to number two.
  2.  Yard work! I know some of you are like “huh??” but I really enjoy yard work! The         first day we were able to spend outside on our yard this year, I almost picked up a crawdad thinking he was a stick and almost raked up a snake! Obviously that does nothing in proving my point, but despite all the creepy crawlies, I still love it. The transformation of disappearing weeds, leaves, and brush is so rewarding. Our house was vacant for several years before we bought it, so there is a TON to do, but little at a time, it is getting better. I just recently picked up a few plants and spray painted some old pots to dress up our front entrance and now it actually looks like someone lives here.
  3. Grilling! This wouldn’t be a very convincing list without the mention of food right? Let’s face it, food is awesome, and grilled food is extra awesome. We actually haven’t gotten to do a whole lot of it yet since Tyler hasn’t had the time to build a fire pit, but believe me…there will be PLENTY of it once we have a good place to do it. The best part about it is that it leaves very little for me to do in the kitchen for dinner. 😉 I can handle throwing a salad together real quick.
  4. Open windows! It’s no secret that heating your house in the winter dries out the air and leaves the house feeling somewhat stuffy. When spring rolls around, I am more than ready to open the windows and air the house out! No candle can beat the smell of a fresh outdoor breeze cleaning out the air in your home. Plus if it’s warm enough to open your windows, chances are you are able to turn your heat off which brings me to my next point.
  5. Lower heating bill! If it’s warm enough to be opening the windows, that means it’s also warm enough to turn off or at least turn down the heat. Winter heating bills can be a real blow to the bank so, we, as many people do, jump at the chance to turn the heat off for a day or two.  
  6. New Life! Our yard is full of trees which means our yard is also full of birds. Now that spring is here, these birds are filling their nests with cute bald little babies.
  7. Spring Cleaning! I know many people would disagree with this one but I personally love any opportunity to purge! I have an irrational fear of becoming a hoarder so when I have a good reason to go through and get rid of unnecessary junk, I do it. I also love clear windows and knowing the deep dark corners of my home have been cleaned. Even if it’s only for a little while. 😉


This completes my short list of reasons I love spring. Of course, there are loads more reasons, these are just the first ones that come to mind. What are some things you love about spring?





So if I’m being honest, I’m not much of a writer. My papers in English class were always covered in red pen. Just thought we should get that little fact out in the open right away. 😉

A little back history on my family: My husband and I move a lot. We have been married for just over two years and have moved about 4.5 times in that time frame. We were living in my sister’s basement apartment when we first got married and it was actually really nice because a month after the wedding, my husband went off to basic training and AIT for 5 months so it was great having people around during that time. Did I mention my sister has 4 kids? (well 5 now) So yeah I wasn’t bored very often. Then after he got back from training we started hunting for our first house and settled on a small 2 bed 1 bath home in the town nearby where he worked.

Shortly after we moved, we found out we were going to be parents! At that time he was working in an RV factory which was nice for the sake of income but he went to college to be a pilot so it wasn’t supposed to be a long term thing. Unfortunately the area we are from isn’t exactly exploding with opportunities for pilots so he started researching jobs and out of the blue was like, “What do you think about moving to Florida?” At first I was like, “HA! yeah right!” thinking there was no way I could have my first baby and be 18 hours away from my family, but the more we talked about it, the more I realized maybe this was something we needed to do. The job there was flight instructing and the goal  was to build flight hours since most piloting jobs require more hours than he had at the time. So just 4 months after moving into the house, we moved out and then in with his parents temporarily while we rented the house to some friends. We didn’t really think that one through before making it happen though. Turns out renting is more complicated than we thought so after “renting” the house out for 5 months, we sold it.

By this time it was May, we were living in Florida, and I was 7 months pregnant. Then fast forward to July 10th, our beautiful baby girl made her grand entrance 3 weeks early! (you can read my labor story here).  After just 6 moths of living in Florida, Tyler found a charter company he thought would be a good fit.  It’s three hours from the place we call “home”, it pays better, and frankly, we didn’t like living in Florida.

So now here we are in the present. Tyler has 5 weeks of training for this job and during that time, Evelyn (our daughter) and I have been staying at my parents house. We are only all together on the weekends and it isn’t easy but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Two weeks ago we closed on our house up in Michigan and got immediate possession since it isn’t being lived in. He had this past week off so we were able to go work on it some and left Evelyn with my mom. I haven’t spent that much time away from her before and it was really hard but we were able to get a good amount done. So now onto the fun stuff! Check out my next post to see the before pictures of the house and follow along our projects and crazy journey.